Bravely Managing is a community dedicated to managers in creative industries to safely share challenges, swap tips and feel good about doing your best in a rollercoaster of a job.

All about wearing many hats and herding many cats.

Bravely Managing started in Melbourne, Australia, as a way for managers working in creative industries to connect, share nerdy loves of organisation and project management tools, up-skill, share and support each other in a role that one expects to have an existential crisis daily. We know the feels.

Community support

We have a peer-support Slack channel (brains trust!) for sharing resources and advice. Got a question? We encourage everyone to share and connect.


We run webinars to chat, share, learn and upskill. Missed one of our webinars? Browse our YouTube channel for all our past events.


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Who is Bravely Managing?

Bravely Managing is a community made up of studio managers, creative project managers, design managers, producers, product managers, digital project managers, graduates, designers who run their own studios and more! The dynamic and varied nature of a manager’s role continues to amaze us. We welcome anyone who is interested in management, no matter what industry. Bravely Managing is run by three creative managers.


Andreea Nemes is a Studio Manager currently working across design, branding and specialty print.


Libby Tiding is a Senior Producer currently working across human-centred design and digital development.


Audrey Mailhot is a Design Manager currently working across design, branding and print.

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